Desire is no light thing
41 Cooper Square, September 28th- October 2nd, 2021

Eleven archival inkjet prints mounted on sintra
Dimensions variable

I made eleven pictures and I meant it. I re-learned long division- you slice into tiny parts so that the numbers are more manageable. If you use a calculator instead you can’t go around and around each digit, you can’t see such a clear remainder. When you practice long division, there is visual clarity in what doesn’t fit. Printing a house is disguised as a calculator but it feels like long division. What’s left over is gravity, there is hiccup residue, as if you can use a calculator to generate an elaborate answer. An elaborate answer, like watching someone take pictures. It is smart to try to make a simple map, or to turn a small part into a big room. False equivalence is a beautiful triage.
Interior sunset and reflection, Calverton, New York, 2021
Ridley with my camera, Kingston, New York, 2019
Map, New York, New York, 2021
Detail of backyard 3D-printed castle, Shorewood, Minnesota, 2021
Atrium interpretation, Los Angeles, California, 2021
Fountain, Brooklyn, New York, 2020
Aberration, Bristol, Rhode Island, 2021
3D-printed house prototype, Calverton, New York, 2021
Shed, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2018
Mold, Sparta, Wisconsin, 2020
Escape room clue no. 8, New Rochelle, New York, 2019